Web Site Development and Design

Personal, Business, and Organization
Website Design and Development

11worth Design creates personal, business, and organization websites large and small, utilizing the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

The result is a dynamic, PHP-scripted website that’s easily maintained and updated via a secure, client-accessible administrative control panel.

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Personal and Business Blogs on the Web

Do you have a creative streak and want to publish an online diary or photo gallery? Or do you just have a lot to say? A weblog, or “blog”, announces your voice to the rest of the world!

Getting your name or business established on the internet is a priority during these challenging economic times. Blogging is one way to reach that goal.

11worth Design can install, customize, and configure your WordPress blog.

11worth Design’s websites incorporate the following:

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Logical and Consistent Navigation
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Accessibility
  • XHTML Validation
  • Easy Content Updates
  • Social Media Integration

Current 11worth Design websites meet Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Opens in a New Window or Tab.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO development is the foundation of 11worth Design websites. Page titles, descriptions, headings, and text are keyword and keyphrase optimized. Semantic content is used to convey correct meaning in the proper order.

Changes in pages and article content are automatically submitted to major search engines as your website grows and develops.

Logical and Consistent Navigation

Ever been lost on a large website? We’ve all experienced confusing, complicated navigation menus, and jumbles of “links-of-no-return” to the main website. Often bailing out of the website is the only solution.

11worth Design websites display integrated page and article navigation. Page relationships are made believable using a main navigation menu, sub-page navigation menus, and a “you-are-here” linear breadcrumb trail at the top of every page.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

11worth Design’s websites are tested with popular, modern web browsers (Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari), as well as tablets and smartphones.


11worth Design’s website framework incorporates accessible Section 508 design elements to insure access for those required to use alternate web-browsing methods.

HTML5/XHTML Validation

11worth Design websites utilize W3C-valid HTML5 or XHTML markup. This insures compatibility for a broad range of users and devices.

Easy Content Updates

Websites continually updated with fresh content are more useful and appealing to visitors, and have better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings than websites that remain unchanged for extended periods of time.

An 11worth Design website owner (or other authorized person) can securely log in and add page or article content, images, documents, and media through a control panel editor. The editing process is similar to creating a document via a word-processing program, or putting together an email.

Social Media Integration

Is Facebook or Twitter important to you? If so, 11worth Design websites can be integrated with your Facebook or Twitter account to display appropriate links, buttons, and feeds.

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