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Docking Station

Lake Wenatchee kayaks patiently await their owners.

Does 11worth Design provide domain name registration or web hosting as services?

No to both. I prefer to concentrate solely on the services listed on this website. I can recommend outside domain name registration and/or web hosting providers upon request.

Many clients already have their own domain name registration and web hosting; 11worth Design can readily use your existing services.

I see your websites are set up to be managed, after logging in, by the client. I’m very busy. Do I HAVE to make all the updates to my site, or can you do it instead?

Good question. I can easily provide the updates per my hourly rate. Email me the update information and I take care of the rest. You can take over at any time if your situation changes.

No one I know uses a computer to surf the web anymore. Everyone uses a tablet or smartphone instead. Do your websites work on tablets and smartphones?

Hey, I use an Android-based smartphone and tablet myself, and yes, they get the most use when I don’t want to feel anchored to a desk. So…11worth Design’s websites are made to display (and be touch screen responsive) the best they can on smartphones and tablets in portait or landscape view.

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